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This Registration applies to a Third Party that is not a Retail Electric Supplier (RES) or performing services on behalf of a RES (a non-RES Third Party) and that is seeking to obtain Customer-Specific Information through Ameren Illinois' Share My Usage program. Share My Usage, also known as Green Button Connect My Data is a web-based program that allows a Residential & Small Commercial (DS-2 & DS-3A) Customers to authorize the Company to make available to a Third Party or multiple Third Parties, Customer-Specific Information about the Customer. Share My Usage is based on the common technical standards developed with the support of the Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST), released by the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB).

Customer-Specific Information is Interval Data that is either expressly linked with a Customer’s identity or could, with reasonable effort, be linked to the Customer’s identity. Links to a Customer’s identity may arise from the Customer’s name, address, telephone number, social security number, account number, or other similar personally-identifying information.

Ameren Illinois will provide Customer-Specific Information to non-RES Third Parties subject to the Terms and Conditions of Ameren Illinois' Third Party Access to Electric Energy Usage Information, applicable state and federal laws, and relevant orders of the Illinois Commerce Commission.

In order to be eligible to obtain Customer-Specific Information, a non-RES Third Party must comply with these items and must register with Ameren Illinois by completing the field(s) in the subsequent windows.

This Registration must be completed and verified by an individual with the authority to act on behalf of the Third Party.

After submitting a completed Registration, Ameren Illinois will review the submission and confirm approval with the non-RES Third Party. To be clear, approval does not create a right or entitlement to Customer-Specific Information: a non-RES Third Party will not receive any Customer-Specific Information unless and until a Customer selects the non-RES Third Party as a recipient of their Customer-Specific Information in the Customer-Facing portion of the Share My Usage web-based program. Once a customer has authorized to share their data via the Ameren Illinois Share My Usage program it is the Third Party’s responsibility to provide the appropriate contact information so that the customer can successfully complete their authorization process.

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